• A Few Telltale Signs That Your Car Needs New Shocks

    The shocks or shock absorbers on your car may be more important than you realize; high-quality shocks may cushion your ride, but they also cushion the car and protect its parts from being jostled and jolted when on the road. Without good shock absorbers under your car, the axles and struts will absorb more shock with every bump, and they may be more likely to break. While it may sometimes be obvious that your car needs new shock absorbers, such as when your head is practically hitting the ceiling of the car every time you drive over a bump, note some other telltale signs that mean your car needs new shocks.
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  • Important Maintenance Tips for Vehicles with Diesel Engines

    As compared to petrol engine vehicles, diesel engine vehicles are generally considered to be more fuel efficient, more powerful and have a lower maintenance requirement. To continue enjoying reliable service from diesel-powered vehicles, however, proper maintenance is key. Here are a number of essential maintenance tips for diesel engine vehicles. Oil and filter changes: Diesel contains sulphur. The oil filter system on a diesel engine performs the important function of trapping the sulphur residue formed when fuel does not combust completely.
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