Three essential maintenance tips for anyone with a diesel engine

Posted on: 24 January 2018


Most car owners always think about the possibility of switching from gas engines to a diesel one but do not follow the idea through. Diesel engines have several advantages over the diesel engines, including the fact that they are more fuel efficient, reliable and emit less carbon dioxide into the environment. Diesel engines also generally require less maintenance and can do hundreds of thousands of kilometres without the need to change. Here are a few maintenance tips that will help give your diesel engine a long life. 

Insist on a filter coolant for the engine

The cooling system of most diesel engines needs a coolant filter that will control the pH of the coolant. The screen is in place to prevent the possible accumulation of the acid particles in the block. The coolant applies a layer of protective coating on the block  and also prevents the formation of coolant bubbles because of a chemical agent that reduces the surface tension. The coolant filter needs to be replaced from time to time so that the chemical agent does not get depleted.

Inspect the gaskets regularly

You should check the gaskets on the diesel engine regularly and make sure that they are in proper working condition. The bolts used to mount the engine have to be tightened to ensure that no leakages happen in the mounting and combustion parts of the engine. The coolant hoses also tend to wear out quickly when they are not adequately secured. Diesel engines tend to vibrate a lot, which contributes to the development of a leaky gasket. When you notice that a gasket is spilling liquid, get an entirely new set.

Replace the air filter as soon as it is dirty

Diesel engines tend to become accumulate dirt a lot faster than other engine types because they use a lot of air. It is common practice to put a plastic indicator next to the chamber containing the air filter. As soon as the filter element starts accumulating some dirt, the colour of the indicator changes, and when you notice that the tone has changed, you should change the filter element.

These are three maintenance secrets that will give your diesel engine a long and stress-free life on the road. In addition to these tips, always look for warning signs such as engine overheating. Unlike gas engines were waiting for an overheating engine to cool down will fix the problem, the diesel engine overheats when it is completely ruined, and the only remedy at this point is replacing it.