How to Boost the Performance of Your Vehicle

Posted on: 2 August 2017


If your car or truck seems a bit sluggish and slow, you don't need to replace the entire engine to get more performance from it. Even the heaviest of trucks or the most lightweight car with no power can be upgraded and enhanced to perform better, so you have better pickup, can achieve faster speeds, or can tow heavier weights without as much drag and resistance. Note a few tips on how to boost performance of your vehicle and then you can decide which will offer the enhancements you want for your car or truck.

Cold air intake

The more cold air your engine takes in, the more fuel it will pump into the engine to create combustion. More oxygen and fuel, and more combustion, means more power. An upgraded cold air intake can give you better pickup and better towing capacity, and even allow your vehicle to reach higher speeds overall.

High-flow catalytic converter

The catalytic converter is attached to the car's exhaust pipe and it works to filter emissions coming from the engine, so that fewer pollutants are released out the back of the tailpipe. A small catalytic converter will slow down the flow of bad air out of the engine, which then slows down the engine's performance.  A high-flow catalytic converter, as the name implies, allows for a stronger flow of bad air out the car's engine, so that the engine creates combustion more readily and the vehicle gets better pickup.

Upgraded computer

The computer on your car controls fuel-to-air ratio, the ignition timing, and other such features. Typically the computer is programmed to meet certain legal requirements for its performance, the fuel economy advertised with that model of car, and the like. A new computer or chip can enhance the car's performance by increasing the fuel and oxygen taken in, increasing the ignition timing, and so on, for better overall performance.

Turbo booster

 A turbo booster looks something like a boat engine propeller, but it doesn't work by pushing the car along in the same way. Instead, a turbo charger will take air that is going out the vehicle's exhaust and the compress it and send it back to the engine. This added air means the vehicle will naturally bring in more fuel, leading to better and stronger combustion. A turbocharger or turbo booster won't give you more pickup, as you need to be moving to create the exhaust it needs to operate, but it can mean stronger pull from the vehicle and being able to achieve greater speeds.